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So while Chris is quite literally "on the road" I'm hijacking the list for this week!  Had never heard of Brent Cobb before but this track blew into my ears and it's stayed all there all bloody week!

It's just a seriously good piece of music - oh sure, it has Road in the title but you gotta check this out.  Brent's got this authentic southern voice that almost scat delivers the lyric in places and it's genre bending but brilliant - the track construction is super smart - the breakdown at 2 minutes followed by a stunningly tight guitar solo backed by soaring vocals that'll have you thinking of Wish You Were Here - but the whole things wrapped up in such a solid groove that you just sit there grinning.

While Chris might find this useful for the long drive up the gold coast - I'm loading it up and taking it up the Pacific Coast Highway - ain't a road too long - damn straight!

Guest curator: Andrew

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