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Taken from his solo album, “Secret Story”, the final track is another example of how Pat can build a piece to a magic crescendo; think of how Barber does it with his “adagio for Strings” and you’ll be on the right lines. Truth is, I could fill my playlist with Metheny; but a word of warning if you don’t know his catalogue. He is eclectic in the extreme. Some of it is hard to listen to!

In general terms if this stuff turns you on, then you should be on the lookout for early Pat Metheny Group stuff from 1981 onwards. “Travels” and “The Road To You” are both epic live albums; you can’t go wrong with them. If it’s studio stuff then consider “As Falls So Wichita Falls”, “The First Circle” or “Still Life Talking.”

Been a fan of his for so long I can’t remember. Saw him most recently playing the Blue Note Festival at Yokohama…as you do. A major musical influence on me; can’t seriously think of anyone I’d rather hear as my final request! If ever anyone deserved to have a smoke ring dedicated to him, it’s Pat.

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About the Curator: Richard Parsons

Richard Parsons - Musicto Curator

I grew up listening to music from the late 60’s onwards. Pirate pop radio; swapping LP’s with friends; exploring genres; daydreaming over the latest woofer and tweeter.

In reality I spent thirty years imparting imperfect knowledge of English literature and drama to young minds in school. Regrets? No. I loved teaching; loved the interaction with the pupils, and made lifelong friends as a result. And what better way to keep up to date with music? I always played stuff in my lessons, and as a result, I’d be bombarded with suggestions from my flock! “Sir! Have you heard…?