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Now this is the real McCoy, from Genesis’s best album (in my humble opinion) – “Selling England By The Pound” – released all those years ago (1973!) and featuring Peter Gabriel of course. They’d already broken new ground with “Foxtrot” and “Trespass” with their lengthy rambles into instrumental riffs allied to absurdist lyrics from Gabriel - have a listen to “Get Em Out By Friday” or “Supper’s Ready” if you want a real taste of that!

“Selling England…” surpasses all of that, yet retains all the trademarks of that early prog-rock stuff pre their pop reincarnation when Gabriel left and Phil Collins upped from the drums to front the band. Boo!

On “Cinema Show” there’s the moody guitar of Steve Hackett,(who, by the way, still rates this as his favourite Genesis album), the sublime keyboards of Tony Banks and the tight drumming of Phil alongside Mike Rutherford’s bass. But it’s surely the creative genius of Gabriel that infuses this opus magnus. What a voice! Savour all eleven minutes of it from those sultry descending opening motifs to the lengthy keyboard solo and lush mellotron background. Oooh I do love a bit of mellotron! 

Finally, here’s my admission…if I had to choose a desert island album or two that defined my musical growing up, well, this, alongside King Crimson’s “In The Court of the Crimson King”, would be it! Sublime.

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Richard Parsons - Musicto Curator

I grew up listening to music from the late 60’s onwards. Pirate pop radio; swapping LP’s with friends; exploring genres; daydreaming over the latest woofer and tweeter.

In reality I spent thirty years imparting imperfect knowledge of English literature and drama to young minds in school. Regrets? No. I loved teaching; loved the interaction with the pupils, and made lifelong friends as a result. And what better way to keep up to date with music? I always played stuff in my lessons, and as a result, I’d be bombarded with suggestions from my flock! “Sir! Have you heard…?