For over 10 decades, Africa has been the central dumping ground for developed countries where by culture, film, products and technology have been disposed onto african soil. But, african artist seize to  wallow on those action, rather they recycled and tastefully created various mediums of art from the waste

The evidence is in the music , Afropop popularly known as Afrobeat is a great blend of  several influences from the western, eastern, northern and  southern african traditional sounds infused with a twist of foreign urban pop music.

The merge of this sound teleports you to the new Africa , the Africa of growth and opportunity.

This is the music that exudes strength while working out in the gym, provides joyful vibes for  a house party or relaxes your mind when embarking on a road trip to the countryside. This is the sound of new Africa

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About the curator - TJConnects

TJConnects - Music to Curator

TJConnects is a tech specialist that currently lives and works in London,  with over 10 years’ experience within the diverse Infocomm technology sector . I have been able to manage working on a few music projects as ad-hoc from time to time.

My relentless  passion for music has been well documented through my lens as  an amateur DJ from college days then  to working as a trainee stage manager for a Live band , and further evolving into a different role as an artist manager / A&R consultant for indie artist .

Curating beautiful sounds comes to TJ easy due his greatly soft obsession for music.

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