Normally when traveling around the country or even the world, one of the first things you remember about a place is how the food taste for that particular area. In the southern parts of the United States we are well known for our food. The term southern hospitality always seems to make people start by thinking the food of the south. Even in different parts of the south you can find many different foods to fill your life with wonders and joy. Cultured from the heart and soul of our ancestors most of the food is made from recipes past down from generation to generation.

If you close your eyes with a huge table of southern food and one by one taste every single dish, you can take a mental trip around all the southern parts of America.  In some dishes you can taste the pain of a region and the history behind the pain. In other dishes you can taste the happiness of a region and all the glorified triumphs.

When it comes to culture in the south hip-hop is a very huge part and plays a very important role in a lot of people's lives.  Your taste of music can range from one end of the spectrum to the other. With most popular music having so many crossover influences, hip-hop seems to be one of the largest influences on most music of today. Southern hip-hop is like that food as you are traveling. In some areas is really gritty, In others its really salty. Some times you might find some hip-hop that is definitely an acquired taste.

Music To Taste The South touches a part of your soul that you did not know existed. Allowing you to hear and vision what southern hip-hop is truly about. Taking away the bad taste that some may have about southern hip-hop and the fact that some may feel there is no real hip-hop in the south. Giving you the story from every street corner and from every dark part of the south. Allowing you to feel the pain and the pleasure of what its like to live in the south. From major acts like Plies, Kodak Black, Rae Shremmurd, UGK, Paul Wall, & more. To a whole lot of acts you may have never heard of but need to know about. You will want to get a good taste of every drum line, every bass hit, every strum of a guitar, and put it on repeat.

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About the Curator: Adrian “Science”  Robinson

About the Curator: Adrian “Science”  Robinson. - Musicto Curator

Adrian “Science”  Robinson is a producer, audio engineer, & artist manager who has a love for music that stems from a family long history of singing and dancing.  He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for music & video production, and later worked very close with one of Florida’s major independent record labels.  He has lots of fond memories old and new that seems to tie in with many songs, and loves to share them with others. After working with multiple recording studios, independent labels, & internet radio stations, he moved on to publishing music for independent artist in the independent music community. 

Twitter: @TrueScience772
IG: @TrueScience772