Many times in life we come across the moment when we won’t follow the crowd, right? This also happens with music.

We are living in an era where music and social platforms want to tell you what to listen to, which songs are at the top and which genres are the trending ones. Here, I will do things a bit differently…

  • Genre will not be the same through the whole playlist. This is not a genre playlist. In fact, it will be a rollercoaster of genres.
  • Most of the tracks are going to be from bands you might not know or maybe songs you didn’t know from famous bands.
  • I’m not crazy, I’m going to add all-time hits but they have to be songs that made a difference to the music universe.
  • All songs are going to be connected by their instruments and rhythm.Genre is just a reminder to be respectful when you change them (don’t jump from genre to genre like crazy). By following this kind of connection, the playlist gains dual function: If you follow the order, you will love how the songs get related step by step. If not, you will get a bunch a really good songs that you don’t know how but they go together well.

To make all this not as crazy as it sounds, I will give you the connections I made on the first 10 songs. But! then you will have to tell me what are you also relating between songs in the playlist and why (if don’t say it) they are related. This will be the activity of the blog! Listen, relate and enjoy!

  1.  We start the playlist with some drums, trumpets and a good rhythm.
  2. That rhythm is similar but a good bass has been added.
  3. Good bass? The third song nails it with an upright bass playing a 2003 hit with a “vintage” sound and a great piano style. So, the next song has to take that piano and make it unique.
  4. This one is on the idea of “vintage” (also playing on similar chords) and makes a duo between a piano and drums. Awesome drums to forget after that song so the next one needs to have them and also another instrument that has been used before in the playlist.
  5. Trumpets! That’s the answer! Playing a classic song and adding an electric guitar because we might need it in the future or maybe on the next song. After 5 songs we need to open a bit more our connected universe to have the chance to still connect things.
  6. This gives us that. Bass, piano, string section, heavy drums, everything we need to connect and to add more things. That song is pretty slow, right? So next song must be upbeat and but not so punchy but keeping that bit of pop.
  7. Thanks Mr. Jackson for a great option to add a great groove on a piano and opening the door to pop and a bit of funk.
  8. Funk you said? I like funk! but we can’t go to funk that fast…. mmm ok let’s get a song with a good piano, good rhythm and a guitar getting a bit funky. Got it? Morcheeba? Awesome!. Now we can jump to a cool funk.
  9. Who is cool and plays funk? Of course - Jamiroquai! nothing else to add
  10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers and a really cool funky song from the album before Californication that not everybody knows. I bet many got surprised!

 So now it’s on you to start paying attention to what is making this playlist different and as I’m going to be connected with you, please be my guest on sharing/submitting any song you believe can fit and tell me why. I will feedback to you as soon as possible and credits will be on you!

Take this as the terms and conditions (which nobody reads but this one is a cool one so you are reading it now...continue...reading...almost finishing...closing brackets) and the keys to enter through this door and be very welcome to this way of enjoying music.

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About the Curator - Rodrigo Medrano

Rodrigo Medrano - Musicto Curator

At a very early age, music had an incredible impact on Rodrigo’s life. He was never able to listen to lullaby songs; instead he was served Guns n’ Roses and Aerosmith for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the age of 12, he became a melomaniac, collecting albums, EP’s, recording sessions, and researching every kind of genre. All this helped him to get his first job on a recording studio where he realized his life would revolve around sound and music. Working on cruise ships as First Audio Technician allowed him to let loose his passion and expand his knowledge on psychoacoustics, eventually promoted up to being in charge of sound for the hit broadway shows: Rock of Ages and Burn The Floor. His music library will never stop growing as his melomania will get worse and worse.