I’ve been involved in the rave scene as a partygoer since the 90s and a DJ since the early 00s. During my long love affair I have travelled through many different spectrums of dance music but when I moved to Berlin I found myself doing a 360 and coming back right where I started. I started to DJ with vinyl again and I started to play the original style of techno that originally got me into the music.

I learned that for so many years I was trying to please everybody instead of focusing on the music that defined what I would become today. When I relocated to Germany I found that original love that I had in the 90s. I figured out that I can actually have my cake and eat it too when it comes to this music.

When I was given this opportunity instantly a new passion was born inside of me. I finally had an outlet to share my favorite music with the masses and help my colleagues who create this music to be heard by a bigger audience, which they all deserve for their hard work and dedication.

I can’t wait to share my musical journey with you all featuring some of the biggest and up and coming names in techno and house music. It’s time to get serious about our electronic music and kick things up a notch!

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About the Curator - Matt Pentycofe

Matt Pentycofe - Muscto Playlist Curator

Musically inclined at a young age, Matthew would play many instruments and perform in musical theatre until he became a teenager. It was during these years that he discovered techno music from attending his first rave parties. These fated events would start a chain reaction love affair that has continued now for 18 years.

Finding an immediate passion as a DJ his musical persona James Demon was born. While navigating through the house and techno scene worldwide he would eventually relocate to Berlin and launch his record label Occultists. The record label features mystical electronic music with an esoteric and occult flair.