Let's Kick it in the 70s

It's been a few years since I reviewed a classic rock concert. The last one was Jason Bonham's tribute to Led Zeppelin at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, 2013. Prior to that, I was covering a concert every other day in New York City, for about 2 and a half years. And, I have to say, I had some true fangirl moments. Getting to interview Kenny Loggins in his dressing room and seeing Ringo Starr perform at Radio City Music Hall on his birthday, with a surprise appearance by Paul McCartney, was a classic rock lover's dream come true. Never had I had a job where I got to not only utilize my writing skills, but also experience such joy.

It's interesting how things go in cycles. Only a few years ago, it seemed like the 80s were trying to make a comeback. But, now, the 70s are being seriously embraced. From the resurgence of vinyl to the return of the 'stache, the 70s are making a slow and steady comeback and it doesn't seem to be a passing fancy. Maybe people are experiencing digital fatigue and want to go back to simpler times. Or, maybe people realize things were a little more "quality" back then, including music. Even politics seem to be having a throwback moment. With the current Trump investigation being compared to Watergate, American culture has certainly come full-circle.

The 70s was a fertile ground for new music. Punk, disco, hip hop, early heavy metal, funk and glam rock all emerged during this era. However, the genres that seem to be getting shown the most love now are soft rock, funk, jazz and hard rock. Many performers and bands are fusing those elements, just like many groups did back then. The Bros, The Revivalists, Jim James and Harry Styles are just a few examples of current artists who pay homage to the 70s with their style and sounds. Just like the movies during that decade were some of the best ever made, that applies to the music as well. So, take a walk with me, won't you? On the wild side...the 70s.

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Sonya Alexander - Musicto Curator

After graduating from UCLA, Sonya trained to be a talent agent. After realizing she belonged on the creative end, she started freelance writing, covering film festivals for Los Angeles local papers. She's written about film, video games, global affairs, wildlife conservation and, most recently, music. She specializes in classic rock, classic soul, blues, classic country, classical and world music and is tri-coastal, residing in Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans.

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