I’m a hiking girl. For me there is no greater feeling to have reached the summit, having conquered the mountain. The entire world is sprawling to your feet. Be it flat lands at a single peak, or an entire mountain range bolstering edged cliffs and snow kissed tops shimmering blue in the sunlight. Standing up there you feel both extremely accomplished, for having climbed hundreds of meters on difficult paths, and wonderfully humbled, as you’re just an insignificant blob in this wonderfully wide world.

I actually don’t listen to music when I hike, even when I’m on my own. The sound of nature is all the music I need to hear. So this playlist isn’t only about conquering the literal mountains from the Alps to the Appalachian, but the metaphorical mountains as well. It’s about kicking ass and taking names. Standing your ground. Taking risks. Achieving your goals. Being your best, badass self.

But essentially, it’s a collection of music I love. You’ll hear a lot of folksy rock music, some hip hop and soul, a bunch of blues, lo-fi and pop. Heck, I’ll even throw some electronic or classical music in the mix, if I feel like it. There’s so much good music out there and I listen to it all, as long as it pleases me. A friend of mine once said, “We need music freaks. We need people that drink their music like it’s a puddle in the desert of a thirsty traveller.”

I am that freak. Let me share my puddle with you.

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About the curator - Julia Maehner

Julia Maehner - Music to Curator

Julia knows two main passions: Music and writing. From an early age she has been making music after a fashion. When she was 13, she sat herself down and decided: “I will be a music journalist. Because I love music and writing.” After a brief intermezzo in New York City working for the music boutique agency Girlie Action as a digital marketer, she moved back to Germany. This experience helped her build her know-how for her content marketing client, the business intelligence software CoffeeCup. She still writes for several German music and tech magazines and is working on launching her own blog, amps on ears.

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