Earlier this year I found myself alone in a hotel room, far away from anyone I knew. On the road for work, I was lonely. In that moment I calculated how long it would be until I saw my girlfriend again. It didn’t help.

I needed to get out of this funk. I scrolled through Spotify to find one of our favourite songs of the moment — “Get You” by Daniel Caesar. As soon as I heard that first kick drum, I felt at ease. I closed my eyes and was transported back to my girlfriend’s apartment, lying on the couch without a care in the world. The song gave me a much needed hug of familiarity, of love.

This playlist is an attempt to extend that feelings that come along with love. That doesn’t mean it’s all happy-go-lucky. Relationships can be messy, and they create a strange mix of emotions we can’t describe. All we know if we’ve caught feelings, whether we like it or not.

Music to Catch Feelings mixes contemporary R&B with a dash of old school, jazz, soul and funk songs about lovers — the butterflies of new relationships, the heat of another person’s touch, the cold, wrenching heartbreak.

It is the smooth background for a variety of situations, whether you’re pouring a glass of something strong with your significant other or driving alone through the night. Just make sure you’re ready for a swell of emotion.

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About the Curator: Cormac McGee

About the Curator: Cormac McGee - Musicto Curator

Cormac McGee is a DJ, artist manager and concert promoter based in Toronto, Canada. He’s played in front of crowds from 10 – 1,000 people and has run concerts with some of today’s top hip hop artists, including Drake, Future, Mac Miller, 6lack, Ab-Soul and more. He also runs the Music Den at Ryerson University, a business incubator for entrepreneurs in the music industry.