Regardless of the destination, it's always about how you get there, and why fly when you can drive.

Even if I'm two minutes down the road or five days through the desert ...I need tunes! From a young age I was always chasing a new musical buzz and by-passed mainstream, quicker than it lasted on the charts. As you may have read my first love was the harmonies served up by "The Beach Boys"and other related giants of the era.... With my teen years approaching I was easily influenced by borrowed mixed tapes from peers, pre-loaded with Hardcore, Punk and Ska anthems as we immersed ourselves into the skateboarding culture of the 80's and 90's.

As we mature, naturally so do our tastes, I found myself drifting and searching for something with grit and substance, sure I had my binge on Zep, The Doors and other outstanding greats, but it wasn't until car culture came into my life that I truly found my musical Nirvana. Rockabilly, Alt-Country and similar sub-genres had taken my ears by storm. There was no equal whilst cruising down the Hi-way with a Double-Bass keeping the beat or the sophistication and timing of a Lap-Steele presenting itself with toughness and sorrow....

Here on Burn a Million Mile's you'll find an Eclectic, Americana infused playlist that does it for me out on the road, certain tracks that sum up a road trip,or strike a memory of a Life story that's worthy of a share. While I've got you, the reason behind the Route 66 image is a long one, but briefly I lost a close mate some years back, or should say more like family and a mentor. To this day, each year we gather from far and wide to celebrate his life, traveling from bar to bar, in our Buick's, Caddies and Hot Rods, sharing stories, throwing on his favourite tunes and keeping the memories alive.....Thanks Big Man

So Jump in, grab a drink and enjoy the Trip.

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About the Curator - Chris Mccann:

Drawn to music from an early age, Chris' first album was The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations, a record he'd spent weeks saving up his pocket money for.  Now after many years of second hand vinyl markets and countless concerts and festivals, Chris a painter and decorator by day, continues to chase the dragon for that next cool music discovery.  Raised in Brisbane and now operating out of Noosa on Australia's sunshine coast, you can learn more about Chris at