It’s been over a year now since the day I arrived in Berlin. Let’s pull down the merciful curtain of silence as to how exactly I ended up with two suitcases and a bunch of plastic bags on the relentless Berlin street, desperately searching for literally any work and place to live while actually, according to what my parents would tell you, I was supposed to be studying business administration in nearby Frankfurt.

Suffice to say, the day I swapped my economy textbook for the first ever bottle of Berliner Pilsner was a real game changer. And one I never regretted. Berlin gave me laughs and tears, friends and enemies, dreams and nightmares, and although at first I did feel quite overwhelmed, it didn’t take me long to realize that this is the life I would never conjure up, but been in fact longing for during all the dreary afternoons I’d spend at my small town catholic school.

Ever since my eventful journey into the heart of Berlin has started, I’ve felt surrounded with music. All the classic tracks I’d known even before I moved, some more obscure stuff new friends would introduce me to, and then some cool local bands I’d overhear passing through places like Warschauer Strasse. Now the time has come to share it all with you - folks who love Berlin just as much as I do - no matter if you’re here or miles away. Get some of what I call my U-Bahn fun.

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  • Michalina Gorajek is a Berlin based writer.  
  • She can transform any content in English or Polish into a real good read. She's currently honing her German skills to make it a trifecta.
  • You can find out more and read her work at the The Grass Harp

Photo: Alejandro Arretureta-Schröder