Being a music lover with an eclectic taste in music from all over the world, I created this playlist for the music lover who is a bit of a loner especially when your earphones are plugged in. I know this sounds cliché but hear me out for a second okay? it combines sounds from different eras in music, from different cities round the world, from different music personalities who transfer their passion not only into their music but through the speakers to the person listening.

You ever plug your earphones in and the music that comes on makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a crowded arena with over a thousand-people screaming, jumping, dancing and singing along to your favourite musician on stage and then you find yourself joining in? well then, this is your playlist! No, seriously it’s yours…own it!

Vibing to this playlist takes you on a musical world tour where you even get to perform as well (well…in your head Haha) with musicians from the past and present, from different continents, from different backgrounds, genres and more. It is a perfect blend of RnB, Hip Hop, Afrobeats, Banku music, Trap music, Grime and more…you never know what the next sound’s going to be like or what city you’ll be turning up in.

The beauty of this playlist is that each sound, each city adds a splash of colour to your life and it brings me great joy to share it with you! Yes you! 😊

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About The Curator - Noka Agudah 

A football-loving intellectual property lawyer passionate about music, sports and all things entertainment. A hopeless hip hop romantic with love for great music, awesome books and fantastic TV shows/movies.

I have the best moments when my headphones are plugged in and I’m on stage (in my head of course) performing at a sold-out concert, when my team thrashes Real Madrid FC (yup! You guessed right- Visca Barca!), when I get lost in a really good book, when Messi scores a ridiculously awesome goal or when…okay okay you get it, I have lots of awesome moments for which I’m always thankful for!

Trying to live my best life doing stuff that make me happy and putting smiles on faces of people anyway I can- one smile at a time 😊. A happy girl enjoying every moment life brings my way