Music is a sacred thing. I love music more than anything. In my own time, I own a rap website ( and it made me realize how much enjoyment I find in introducing music to someone else. I enjoy being capable of making others happy and selecting the music that resonates with them best.

One synth or soul sample is capable of making millions of people feel differently about the same sound. I created this playlist because in today’s times, the Billboard charts determines what’s enjoyed by the masses. However, what’s well received on radio charts lacks soul. Hip-Hop is the world’s biggest and commercially viable genre. That growing popularity has led to musicians dumbing down content to attain chart success. I created this playlist so people could listen to music that they can enjoy but it’s incredibly soulful.

Music enthusiast love music for its ability to make people feel different things. Today’s music lacks that, it’s mostly music that’s well suited for party and club environments. This playlist is for people who may feel alone, who are reflecting and those who are struggling emotionally. When you’re able to put your earphones in, let the playlist resonate with your problems and give you some motivation.

This playlist is an emotional journey filled with twists and turns. Infusing old and legendary MCs with new MCs. Regardless of the time and sonic direction, soul can always resonate with any listener. If you need to feel something, this is the playlist for you. Try something outside what you see on the charts and hear on radio. It’s the perfect playlist for lovers of Hip-Hop. There’s various subgenres of Hip-Hop but this caters to anything soulful. It brings me great joy to share it with you.

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About The Curator - Dithekgo Mogadime

A Hip-Hop purist at heart. Currently pursuing a law degree. I love anything related to music (specifically – R&B, jazz & hip-hop), sports (specifically – football, rugby, basketball & golf) and fashion. 
I find most enjoyment in laying back, listening to music and interacting with my friends. If not socializing, I’m bound to be shouting at my TV – trying to tell Eden Hazard to shoot as he flicks the ball unnecessary. Sometimes I spend hours glued at my screen, watching Netflix in bed.

I’m a kind, cool and collected persona. I tend to live life without limits, finding enjoyment in every action and keep smiling through it all. I would sacrifice anything to keep my loved ones happy. I’m supportive and I’m happiest when everybody around me is smiling and shinning.