Music to Simp to is about pouring your heart out. It is for the people who have had their heart ripped out by past loves, are being mistreated by current lovers, or who are longing for the simple taste of love. Sometimes we don't wish to simply forget about our love-sickness, but we want to have a good cry. This is Music to Simp to. Mostly classic sounds with a tinge of 90's angst, this playlist is carefully curated to ensure you have a cathartic experience.

This playlist was birthed from my own love of sad songs, spanning multiple genres and styles. As a musical artist, I like to write and record sad music as well, so it only seemed natural to spawn a playlist out of that love. Therefore, I bring you: Music to Simp to.

This music consists of songs spanning all decades, drawing heavily from the 60’s and 70’s, and favoring music that has a classic sound. As we explore the decades beyond, we will delve into other sad-feelings, such as “angry-sad”, a feeling that results from sadness transforming into jealousy.

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About The Curator - Evan Lesniak

Daevon Bryant   - Music to Curator

Evan Lesniak is an old soul in a young man’s body. He shuns modern music for the vibe of 1960’s and 1970’s rock and roll, jazz, and any amalgamation of the two. He is a musician/composer who writes and records his own music in his own bedroom – but you certainly couldn’t tell.

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