Shake a hoof or shake a wicked hoof is a term with a mysterious beginnings, having origins in the 18th century maybe from naval slang used by the British  navy or a expression used in line dancing in USA. It’s meaning is to dance, to shake a hoof - bust a move  - get down - get a groove on - boogie on down - jack the groove - getting a freak on - throwing shapes…

The aim of the playlist to find the best music to make you dance, sourced from across all decades and genres with the key ingredient -  it will make you move, 

it might just be a serious bit of hip hop head nodding or getting down to the floor with some serious B Boy floor moves, it could be some sweaty jackin to classic acid house or showing your footwork moves to some 70’s dancefloor jazz.

Soul and funk music from some of the best new musicians and producers across the world, acts that may be fairly successful selling vinyl, cd’s and downloads but are not reaching the streaming audience their talent deserves will feature highly and a hopefully lots of fresh music from unknown artists, if you are a live band, a one man band or a bedroom producer and you’re making music that’s gonna get someone to shake a hoof then submit your music here.


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About The Curator - Paul Sims

 Paul Sims - Music to Curator

‘When did the Blues become Indigo’ is a reference made by a music journalist I read some years ago, it’s meaning is about how one genre of music mutates into another, it’s always interested me that progression from the jazz and blues to rhythm and blues and on to soul and funk then disco, rap and house music, they to me are all one big family and I love to find the musical links and read about the history.

So five years ago I created a facebook group called ‘They Reminisce over you’ to share music from the past, digging into genres I’d missed getting into deeper in my youth, from there came a series of Spotify playlists called ‘What is Soul’ finding the soul in all different dance genres, realising I had only scratched surface with one particular genre ‘Disco’ I started a new series of playlists called ‘Discography’ starting with sourcing all Spotify tracks from proto disco tracks from 68 and using the internet and various book purchases to go year by year up the 80’s, as I’m not one to stop at half measure it ended up being a never ending (or so it feels) task of finding out when did the blues actually become indigo, attempting to discover on Spotify every Soul track (which became another series of playlists ‘The A-Z of rare grooves and classic soul)

Funk, jazz disco, rap, house was added until I got to the mid 80’s but hey why stop there I thought and to date I’m right up to last weeks new releases with some gaps to fill in between 2000 and 2009. (give me another year and I might get there, until I find something else)

So as you can tell I love music, passionate about sharing new and old musical discovery’s and promoting new artists and that is the aim of my work with Musicto, to find new colours to add that spectrum between blues and indigo

so any new artists submit your music to the playlist and everyone else ‘Shake a hoof’ and dance.

Oh yeah and my name is Paul, I’m 45 and from the north east of England, catch me and my music on the links below