If you like to shake a hoof to the best soul, funk and dance music or chill with with the latest dub, jazz or rap, then you are at the right place as we share the best new releases every week, regular features on classic artists and interviews with new bands and producers. On our track of the week we feature new or classic songs selected from the hoof stables and often include artist biographys and interviews. Our featured track or artist is chosen from one of new playlists, Soulful is where you find all manner of things soulful and funky from nusoul, funk, soulful house music, Jazz and Beats is straight up jazz and afocentric sounds and rap, soul or house with jazz elements, Dancefloor is full of club bangers and underground tunes for the dancefloor. Our Rap list is more focused on the boom bap sound of the 90’s, with strong beats, samples and rhyme flow being the focus. Dub and Reggae is another genre we love and hope to share some real finds with you from the low end Jamaican dub sound to classic reggae or dubbed up soul and dance music.

We want to promote quality music from new artists, so if you are feeling the funk and you think your music will make us shake a hoof then share it here, follow the music to and the shake a hoof playlists on your chosen streaming site below and keep updated with regular content on our socials below.

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About The Curator - Paul Sims

When did the blues become indigo’ is a reference made by a music journalist I read some years ago, it’s meaning is about how one genre of music mutates into another to become something different over time, we are on a search at shake a hoof to discover new colours to add to that spectrum and tell the story how today’s music transformed from the blues.