The most pivotal moments in life also tend to be the most introspective. Departure, rejection, termination, breaking up. All precursors to a self-evaluation, hitting life’s pause button to shuffle through your emotions, determining what to play next. This time, you're the one doing the rejecting, you are the breaker. You need a boss playlist to match.

I developed this playlist to be without borders, allowing infinite options to inspire your next move. My personal tastes lean towards hip-hop, so that will be the featured genre, but the most important component here is the mood. This playlist should simultaneously empower, inspire, and motivate. Those things aren’t genre specific. In fact, blending genres can open the mind to accept the present and focus on the future.

Time to venture into the unknown with confidence. Allow the playlist to guide you through life’s hardest and most necessary decisions.

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Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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About the Curator - Ben Young:

Ben Young musicto Playlist Curator

Ben Young lives a life of polarity. He has split his life between the coasts: half his life on the West (California) and half on the East (Georgia and Virginia). He has pursued careers in the art world (film school graduate) and the corporate world (executive with Fortune 500 companies). And he is Biracial, the personification of being two things at once.

Ben’s musical influences were formed by music loving parents, raised in a world of John Coltrane and John Lennon, James Taylor and James Ingram, Huey Lewis and the News and Prince and the Revolution. Saxophones, electric guitars, synthesizers, and breakbeats filled the air Ben breathed from birth. And being born one year after the birth of Hip Hop, Ben has been joined at the hip with the genre his entire life.

Check out Ben’s blog where you can get more recommendations on great music, presented from a Biracial point of view: