To tell you the truth…I love to clean (but do me a favor and don't relay that information to my roommates.) Maybe I should rephrase that sentence…I love when things are clean.

There isn't a lot in this crazy world that I can actually control; that’s why I take a great (and sometimes unhealthy) amount of pride in keeping my living space neat + tidy. Similar to how dancing makes me feel, cleaning helps me destress and decompress. Hell, I would even take it a step further and say that color coding my closet, organizing my junk drawers, and alphabetizing my spice rack brings me pure, unadulterated joy. I can’t be the only one who feels the same way, can I? (maybe it’s best if you keep that answer to yourself.)

What would happen then, if I combined my love of dancing and cleaning? Beautiful, magical bliss perhaps? Yea, uh, something like that.

Whether you're getting a jumpstart on spring cleaning (you overeager beaver, you), you're hosting a Netflix and Chill sesh with your latest 'right swipe', or you've watched way too many episodes of Hoarders, this playlist will help you get "up and clean" (instead of "down and dirty," get it?) Never mind.

Bonus -- it also doubles as a playlist for house parties both big and small.


This list was originally seeded by Nicole (founder of Nico New Media, a boutique digital marketing company based in Berlin.)

Though she fancies last minute traveling and checking out cozy new bars in her 'hood, she would rather be dancing than doing just about anything else. Good thing she lives in Berlin, the techno capital of the world!