"I feel ashamed, ashamed of being poor, ashamed of being naked to others. My seedlings are cold, my harvest is impoverished. I am by myself within brotherhood, works, unity, atoms bombs, world of poets and scientists. By myself and far away. I am Anatolia, do you know me?"

-Ahmed Arif

Anadolu çağlar boyu bir savaş alanı ve bir sığınak, bir hastalık ve bir ilaç, bir şeytan ve bir tanrı oldu. Anadolu müziğinde sevdiğim şey, içinde çok fazla kültürün, metaforun ve hikayenin bir arada bulunması. 

Anatolia has been a battlefield and a shelter, a disease and a cure, a demon and a god for ages. The thing I like about Anatolian music is that there are so many culture in it, so many metaphors and stories. 

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About the curator: Mert Turan

Mert Turan - Musicto Curator

Mert Turan - Musicto Curator

I was born in the day "Evil Empire" album by Rage Against the Machine was released and I brought those lucky bastards 3 Grammy nominations. 

I live in Ankara, study Philosophy at Middle East Technical University and work at Radio ODTU 103.1 as production manager. 

I adore all forms of art.