It's hard to be born into a world that's crumbling. It's an existential crisis that has wormed its way into the collective consciousness of every generation: "what if it all ends, right here and right now". The only difference between those generations past and us is that we very well may actually be here to see it all.

And we may not, which is comforting. However, it really does seem like we're just that close, doesn't it?

But after all this, who's to tell us that ignorance is bliss? Maybe the bliss can come from the knowledge- knowing that it's all falling apart. Revel in it. Things are changing and they are changing fast. Why not cope the only healthy way the modern world has given us? Sway and dance and thrash into the unknown.

Blast this mix and let the melodies of dissonant joy and lyrics of impending chaos move you to love our collapsing world. From Roy Orbison to Soundgarden to Childish Gambino - groove to the best of the doomed.

After all, there's not much left to lose.

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About The Curator - Annelise Lipowitz

Annelise Lipowitz - Music to Curator

Annelise is a New York based actor, writer, filmmaker, and musician. They have been studying music since their father stuck them in piano lessons at six years old. Over the last five years, Annelise has become interested in philosophy and psychology- especially as it relates to surrealism in art. They have curated playlists from a young age and always loved the idea of bringing different artists together through a thematic or cosmetic thread. Annelise spent two years writing for a folk music review site and has always enjoyed discovering new music that pushes boundaries of genre and conventional theory. Some of their favorites include Björk, Radiohead, The Velvet Underground, Wu-Tang Clan, and Talking Heads.  Find her on Instagram: