Getting ready for a party? Headed to the club? Need a playlist to turn up your frat house party? Music to Take Shots & Toke Bongs… Gotcha covered with the best of today’s latest and greatest party jams.  Liquor, ganja and music go together like sausage, egg and biscuit, which is probably why so many of our favorite artists are inspired by the herb or spirits. But not only does marijuana & liquor influence music, sometimes they become a musician’s actual muse and a music lover’s stress reliever.

For me personally if the music aint tight the party aint right. So, ladies get dressed for a ladies’ night out. For my fellas get you a designated driver cause you’re about to create a new sequel to Hangover.

Take a shot or roll up and listen to my favorite party songs LETS GET LIT!!! And make sure you submit a track if you’re an artist & for my passengers let me know which songs you think should have been included in the comments.

 G.P.S.A Buckle up and Drink Responsibly, Dem folks out.

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About The Curator - Markyse Holmes

Markyse Holmes is a CEO , artist, promoter, and producer from Mississippi.  You can learn more at: