Night rides, cheap motels, gas stations, low-key parties, take away drinks, complex relationships, suburban heroes, suppressed feelings... Once they’re all together, they seem to be connected to each other somehow and you see that the whole image is kind of a culture which is embraced by the masses. In the last couple of months, I’ve seen and met so many people who are sleeping in the daytime, living like a bat all night long till the last light is turned off. So many stories out there. We’re all dealing with something, we all have a real struggle which we expose ours through sounds, colors and shapes. I realized these sounds, colors and shapes become more perceivable in the night time. Maybe that's why some might feel sort of deprivation early in the morning right when they woke up home. This is often the case when one begins to lose time perception, instant escape plans and the urgent need for new spaces happen to be in the most unlikely places and time.

It's funny how our solid chemistry can be devastated by anything so pretty and fragile. Sometimes it can be messy trying to reach out the real self that got lost in the daily routines, then you go out in search of it. This list is for those who reject to spend the night home alone. For those who are labeled as outsiders and misfits. I’ll be delivering night time stories as much as possible, not bedtime stories. Be careful what you want to hear. I can explain it for hours but still might not make sense. Well that's the purpose of this list. It’s in the attempt of finding secret places where the party and the booze taste better.

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About The Curator - Mert Turan

Mert Turan - Music to Curator

I was born on the day "Evil Empire" album by Rage Against the Machine was released and I brought those lucky bastards 3 Grammy nominations. I live in Ankara, Turkey and study Philosophy at Middle East Technical University. I have worked professionally in the music industry for more than 4 years, specializing in studio recording, sound editing and mixing. I previously worked for musicto both as an intern and a curator. During my internship with musicto I gained valuable experience on the music business, social media and community management. I love being a part of this community.