Music is what makes the mundane bits of life—those tedious yet inevitable things, like commuting to work—bearable. I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the car, and it can’t be helped. As a music geek who is stuck with a long commute, I try to make the most of it by using that time to take in a ton of music. It’s something I’ve (mostly) come to appreciate.

The type of music I listen to during my morning commute shapes my mood for the day, and I usually reach for music that wakes me up, that gets me tapping my thumbs on the steering wheel, that I can boogie to if I'm stuck at a stoplight, or that is fun to sing along with. In the evenings, I often tend to go for more calming or introspective music, which makes for a fantastically therapeutic drive when the sun is setting, especially if you drive down back country roads and roll the windows down on cool days. This is what gets me through my commutes and has actually made me enjoy them.

I hope this playlist makes yours more enjoyable as well, whether you commute by car, bike, foot, bus, subway... Whatever mode of transportation you use, this playlist aims to make your day better.

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About the curator - Becky Welch

Becky has been a music-obsessed, compulsive playlist maker and live music enthusiast for as long as she can remember. Few things delight her more than sharing music and geeking out with people who care as much about it as she does. She plays piano and “plays” the ukulele and guitar. She likes almost every genre but is mostly drawn to fun songs that make her dance with abandon.