Let's Feed The Grind!

I know that we're all in one way or another dealing with day to day life, something I call the Grind!

Musically it started for me as a 12 year old kid in the UK, being told by his parents he couldn't have a plane ticket on SkyTrain and head to Woodstock in 1969 as I somehow knew it was the place to be.

I did make it to the Isle of Wight in 1970 though.

Then in the late 70s, I spent some time on pirate radio station on a ship, yes a real ship off the English coast. Then I was on the air via a land based pirate before spending time at the BBC and several commercial stations in the UK.

I also worked in the music business in A&R when it still meant something and not the “Um & Ahhh” departments they have become. I have also managed indie bands, been the personal manager to a major 70s rock guitarist, promoted tours, hosted festivals and was even a roadie with ELP and Hawkwind for a while.

Moved Stateside 16 years ago to be on Denver Rock Radio, then picked up to be nationally syndicated from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. Tired of terrestrial radio too many times playing the same tracks with nothing new to say, I started creating internet radio stations.

I'm now back in the music business with my company called New Music Lives teaching new artists and especially singer-songwriters, how to own their own music careers and stay in complete control.

This playlist Music To Feed The Grind is a mix of brand new, retro, classic and sometimes something out of left field music to help the journey through your life.

Each track is carefully selected as a statement of feelings, emotions, passions or just stupidity. In many ways I allow the music to find me and seek to bring you something that will inspire, challenge or at times confuse but overall I hope you'll get the story being told, after all music is the soundtrack of our lives, so I hope that this helps you.

Submit your track here: https://musicto.com/feed-the-grind-landing

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About The Curator - Paul K Saunders

I'm Paul K Saunders, former pirate radio DJ and music business maverick originally from the UK, been Stateside for 16 years. 

When asked what I like musically my answer has always been anything good which can be soft singer songwriter country to hard classic rock or dancehall reggae to trad jazz with perhaps a little bluegrass and Americana, all this and more is part of my spirit. 

I welcome you to join as we Feed The Grind!

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New Music Lives - http://www.newmusiclives.com 

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Paul K Saunders - http://www.paulksaunders.com