Sex and love relationships have fascinated me for a very long time - I see myself as a researcher and observer - whether creatively and professionally or just out of personal interest, it occupies me how technology changed our behavior and how challenging to us relationships have become.  

Especially in big cities with all the options, opportunities, fast rhythm and pace, so much is possible: You have monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, dating, hooking up or friends with benefits and people try to find out what they truly want or like. But because of the abundance of choices, you don’t and can’t choose anymore and you might also be afraid to choose. Hello FOMO!

The courage is also missing to get hurt or want to get hurt. As online dating, virtual or phantasy - relationships and simultaneously, traveling or living in different cities became a thing now, it is indeed easier to meet people, but also harder to really connect. These endless encounters allow us instant but fake connections, and as fast as you meet someone, you can also disappear, ghost, block, bench or whatever you want to call it. There is much drama and confusion, but for what I ask myself? And this senseless cycle repeats itself, again and again and you don’t know if it’s all maybe just a game, an illusion, a simulation? 

I am the product of this phenomena and my playlist tells my story, my inner world and feelings. It mirrors what I observe, hear and read. I want to learn and stay curious, experience and absorb it all in and while me and you are on this path, I want to play a track for each mood, feeling, thought and adventure. Enjoy the ride! 

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About the curator - Vicky Cohn

Vicky Cohn - Music to Curator

Being a real music nerd (or aficionado?), cosmopolitan and creative, Vicky Cohn is experiencing the big city life in her gonzo journalism attitude, while diving deep into different musical scenes, discovering new trends and herself. You cannot put her in a box, life is for her an art form and she isn’t sure where reality begins and phantasy ends as they influence each other. Her life could be a startup, where she is the entrepreneur, it could be a movie and she, the film director; sure thing is, she has many lives like a cat. You will feel it in her playlists as it is inspired by her different origins and her crazy adventures as a daring, cheeky, single Amazone and curious creative living in cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, London or Tel Aviv, trying to find answers to sex and love in our days…