Walking in the streets of İstanbul late at night… You hear a beautiful woman’s voice coming from a bar. She is almost reciting poems with her lyrics. You come closer to where it’s coming from. You enter the bar and the door is a portal that opens to a parallel universe. Everyone is dressed as aliens, executioners and space queens. While you are trying to understand what is happening, you look at yourself in the mirror. You are one of them now.

Two years ago, I didn’t like the music of my hometown. I thought of it as a music that was predictable and boring. But the thing I didn’t know was, I was listening to the wrong music. I wasn’t aware that there was more to it than just the tracks that were on the radio. Now, I feel like İstanbul is the best city a music lover can live in. The city that connects the West to the East also connects different genres to each other. Pop to jazz, funk to classical and rock to traditional Turkish music.

This is a playlist that contains songs from the "New Wave Turkish Psychedelic Music", mainly based in Istanbul. It overthrows the norms of the expected music in Turkey and the world. It connects the East to the West, just like the Bosphorus Bridge, with sultry Eastern rhythms and peculiar lyrics. It's about and for the beautiful people of the music world who are bored of traditions and social norms. Cross the Bosphorus while sipping your "raki"!

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About the curator - Ada Bayramoglu

Ada Bayramoglu - Music to Curator

Ada is a high schooler from İstanbul who cannot be seen without her headphones. She is a “support your local” kind of girl who knows all the best places to drink coffee in her hometown. Her subconscious is full of “Turkish Classical Music”, which she has been listening to since she was born.  She likes everlasting conversations with her friends about music and art. If you don’t know where she is just look at the nearest concert hall and she’ll be there.