I have loved music as far back as I can remember. I have had so many ridiculous phases; from obsessing over hiphop artists such as Akon, to listening to Japanese Rock Bands from the 70s such as Theatre Brook, my taste in music has lead me to have a very open mind.

This playlist is therefore for those with an abstract taste in music. There will be a huge variety of genres of music but above all this playlist will feature songs that I feel have pushed the boundaries of the norm and provide a unique listening experience. Prepare yourself for this melodic rollercoaster of excitement and originality!

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About the curator - Andreas Whyte

Andreas Whyte - Music to Curator

My love for music has probably stemmed from listening to whatever music my mum played around the house. This has now grown to me spending a huge amount of my time searching and listening to various genres of music

Not long after I started expanding on my own interest in music, in April of 2015, I begin producing my own music, from which I have now began to gain a following for on music platforms such as Soundcloud and Audiomack, under my producer name ‘Afrosamuraiist’.

My love for music has always been there and now I feel I am ready to share this passion of mine with the world. So, to my fellow music lovers, join me on my search for more amazing music and let’s make our tastes in music grow together! 😊