Don’t just exist; live. 

Our lives today are fast, and often dreary. In the everyday rut of doing well at work, or at school, our lives are halfway strung: the willingness to savour every moment but lacking the means—and I mean mostly time—to do so. We often find refuge in Netflix, to take a break from our own lives. But ever imagined what it would be like to make movies out of our own lives? Dramatic vision, I know: but that is entirely the point. Life is about drama; the roller coster ride of emotions and challenges. And like in the movies, sequence of our own lives deserve their own soundtracks.

This playlist is that soundtrack to life. It adds flavour to your day, to every occasion and every dull moment too. I know that most people think of a song being stuck in their heads as a massive impediment to their lives. But I have found that I work better, think clearer and remember more when there is a song in my head stuck like a tape-recorder. I am so reliant on music that sometimes I even let my music play on in class, so while Professor lectures on early modern empires, I jam to Miles Davis. The whole point really is that everything is a lot better with music. 

In terms of genre, this playlist is diverse. It features equal amounts of indie rock, blues infused country, and jazz (across time, instruments and languages). The combination of these tracks does not make a coherent story, rather a muddle that reflects the confusion and non-linearity of life. Love, joy, loss, anger, frustration; all find place here to make sure that every moment of life is valued; to make sure that at every moment, it is worth being alive.   

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About the curator - Aarushi Aggarwal 

Aarushi Aggarwal  - Music to Curator

Aarushi is a senior at college and is majoring in history and international relations. Her music library is as much home to jazz as it is to Indian classical. Her passion for discovering new music far supersedes other equally important things like finishing assignments on time. She loves dogs, coffee and chocolate.