1/ So First Off - Tell Us your Name, City and Country and what you currently do for a living?

Jesse Albrecht - Music to Curator

Jesse Albrecht - Music to Curator

Jesse, Nowheresville, Wisconsin, USA.  I’ve been self employed for almost 20 years doing fun corporate logo stuff, an artists dream.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I wouldn’t say that I ever really gave it a thought, it just kinda fell in my lap. I’ve always enjoyed sharing music/making a mix tape for friends, so there’s that, but I think I really enjoy listening to a LOT of new music.

3/ Tell Us About Your First Musical Memory - Why Do You Think You Remember It?

Probably Mozart in the womb. No seriously, Michael Jackson on tour 30 some odd years ago. It was the first concert I’d ever been too.

4/ Who Did You Make Your First Mixtape / Playlist For - What Was The Result -  Did They Dig It?

Myself. My figure on the pause button at the end of each song, unpausing when it ended and hoping it was a song I liked…If not, a quick rewind and realign and on to the next. I dug it.

5/ What Made You Go Online And Search About Music Curation?

To submit my own music.

6/ Tell us about the name of your Playlist - where did that come from?

I’m kind of a headcase so…it’s a lot of introspective stuff, mostly “dark” and heady. I really have a hard time listening to fun/happy music…I have a nickname of Mr. Serious. I’m workin’ on it.

7/ What does a track have to have to make it onto your list, is there something special that you look for?

See question 6

8/ What can an artist do in their track submission to your list to ensure that you'll listen to their track?

I listen to every submission. That said, listen to playlist and make sure your song actually fits, don’t waste my time sucka.

9/ We know - these change all the time - but as of this week - what are your all time top 5 favorite tracks.

No particular order.

  • Queens of the Stone Age – Like Clockwork
  • Days of the New – Flight Response
  • Soundgarden – 4th of July
  • Dead Can Dance – Spirit
  • Holy Sons – A Chapter Must be Closed

10/ And finally - which Music to Curator should we interview next?

Kara Bean from Music to Bleed Neon To


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