Thanks for answering a few questions for Music To Shake A Hoof, 20 years in the game with numerous singles, four albums with a further one on the way, (Lab Experiments Vol 2) you’ve always featured some great guest vocalists and I’m personally loving the collaboration with ‘Kaiit’ on new single ‘Warning’ so what can we expect on the new album.

Eight tracks of heat! Seriously though, instrumentally, Vol. 2 has a tasty mix of jump up breakbeat jams (for the b-boys and b-girls) and some grittier, more cinematic numbers. Vocally, aside from our collab with the fabulous Kaiit, we have been blessed to have worked with some of our favourite vocalists from around Melbourne town including Simon Burke from The Meltdown (Hope Street Records), our old mates Kylie Auldist and Chicago born - Melbourne based king of suits Fallon Williams have a track each too.

You’re from Melbourne Australia, I spent about six months there in 2000 and fell in love with the place, it’s such a musical City, I don’t what it’s like now but at the time there was so many good record shops, quality radio stations, live bands in the pubs, a thriving club scene and of course as well as yourselves the City has given us ‘The Bamboos’ ‘Hiatus Kaiyote’ ‘Public Opinion Afro Orchestra’ ‘The Putbacks’ ‘The Cactus Channel’ and ‘Deep Street Soul’  and then coming out of Sydney we’ve got ‘Dojo Cuts ‘ and up in Perth there’s ‘Randa and the Soul Kingdom’ and not forgetting Adelaide’s ‘The Transatlantics’ of course some of these bands have been a little inactive of late so what new bands or singers have not crossed the shores to the U.K. yet, is there anyone you’re excited about coming through the scene.

Oh man, there’s so much good music coming out of this town at the moment. She’s a bit more on the neo-soul tip but get your ears around Thando - she’s killer. There is also Fulton Street - a seven piece outfit of young cats out of Melbourne doing it right. Also The Putbacks have a new album in the works and I’ve heard a few sneaky cuts from that - it’s going to be amazing.

Thando featuring with Australian rapper Citizen Kay on ‘The Reverend’

Thando’s new single ‘Happy’

Fulton Streets new LP ‘Problems and Pain’ just released in August

The Soul n’ Funk scene has always been about what’s gone before as much as what’s happening in the present, from the block party DJ’s of New York in the 70’s digging for breaks, the Rare Groove scene in 80’s London bringing back long forgotten artists or tracks, in the late 90’s we had bands like yourselves looking back  the 60’s R&B scene, amongst all that we’ve had young London Jazz dancers searching 70’s & 80’s Brazil for high tempo Jazz to dance to, Hip Hop producers sampling everything right back to the blues of the 50’s.

Then the last 15-20 years we’ve had Afro Funk and all sorts of long lost African Disco, Island Soul out of the Caribbean and lately Gospel Disco and Soul. With such a thriving Soul n’ Funk scene as described above, that doesn’t come from nowhere, so is there a goldmine of Australian bands and singers from the past that the diggers haven’t discovered yet, is there a lost golden nugget of record in the land of Oz.

There was a compilation record I picked up in the mid 90s called 'Heading In The Right Direction’ which featured Australian soul jazz between 1973 and 1977. This turned me onto the Australian thing a bit (pre internet and all that business!) There is also a great jazz funk record called The Joker Is Wild by John Sangster, it has been reissued on wax in the last couple of years (originally came out in the late 60s). If you have a spare $350 kicking around you could grab a copy of Jackie Orszaczky's Beramiada from the mid 70s - it’s pretty spacey but super funky.

Flying saucer by Alan Lee from Heading in the right direction

Beramiada by Jackie Orszaczky

When doing my research for the write up of ‘Warning’ I’ve checked out your website and social media accounts and looking at how you and the band present yourselves in the modern music world and I have to say you’re on top of the game, being on your own label lets you actively promote the band, you’ve got quality social accounts were you interact with your fans and one of the best artist websites I’ve seen in a while, you get your music out on on vinyl but you obviously realise you need a interesting and active Spotify account (artist playlists, gig dates, artist picks and a informative bio), you’re obviously not scared of what is happening in the music industry unlike some artists, so tell me do you feel positive for the future with the way streaming is affecting the way fans consume your music.

It feels like the ‘industry’ has been in a bit of a spin with the whole streaming thing but maybe the dust is settling on all that a bit? As artists we do work to navigate these shifting tides however it’s really important to understand that there are some things that are within your control and some things that are out of your hands. We embrace the new and old mediums of people accessing our music, as they should be able to listen to it however they wish. The elements we have control over are writing and performing - it really is all about the live thing for us! We love writing and recording (we run our own studios and our own label Soul Messin’ Records) but it’s getting in front of a crowd and sharing in that energy exchange with an audience. Cookin’ On 3 Burners make their music to play it out and sweat it out with the people. We have a great time and we want the audience to feel the same way and feel like we are all in it together.

Cookin on 3 Burners new single featuring Kaiit ‘Warning’ can be found on this weeks Music To Shake A Hoof  Spotify playlist and can purchased, streamed and downloaded from the links on this weeks featured artist post here.