Allowing yourself to believe that you know everything there is to know about everything that you know is a purely self destructive behavior, and one that more often than not deprives you of the chance to grow, learn, and discover new things through the exploration of your environment.

When you’ve lived somewhere for long enough you fall into a routine of how you live your life there. You go to this area of the beach, you go to these museums, you take the same exits and make the same turns to get you to where you always go. There’s nothing wrong with this, but what about the nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered and explored in the next city over?

Are you so devoted to your daily routine that you can’t bring yourself to stay on the highway for a little longer to see where you would end up? Can’t you bypass your stop on the train and see what’s at the end of the line? Have you allowed yourself to become so comfortable in your environment that you rarely ever leave the comfort of the routine you’ve built for yourself?  

This is a playlist for everyone who strives to be not a product of their environment, but a challenger of it–for everyone who is curious about what’s down that block that they always pass but never go down. You don’t have to know where you’re going, but you must be willing to get lost. Put your headphones on or plug your aux in, and see what you can find.

Fall in love with your city for the first time, or all over again in a different way, while listening to songs with lyrics robust enough to relax and stimulate your mind all at once. From tracks about following your gut to looking back on your past and contemplating the restraints of life, and everything in between, this is music to get lost in the city to.

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Photo by Hans M on Unsplash

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About The Curator - Larisha Paul

Larisha Paul  - Music to Curator

Larisha Paul is a journalism student at New York University with a beat in music, which is entirely fitting considering the way she lives life.

She’s the friend who always sends new music recommendations to the group chat saying, “This reminded me of you” or “This sounds like something you would like.” She’s the type of person who is constantly being talked out of impulsively buying concert tickets–but does it anyway, and the person who is always in charge of providing the perfect playlist for long drives, or for just hanging out.

She’ll talk to anyone about music for as long as they’ll let her, but please don’t ask her to narrow down her favorite anything (songs, albums, artists, bands) because she’d rather not have an actual breakdown.