In life, you've always done things slightly different from the people around you. You noticed early on that some of your views and opinions simply didn't match those of the majority. At times you may have felt confused or perhaps the thought crossed your mind that you must be mad, or surely the rest of the world was. You have learned to accept this fact; you aren't going to change the way you are, just to "blend in".

Eventually, you discovered that you are definitely not the only one that looks differently at the world. Not everyone is made from the same cloth. You found your thoughts are not only echoed in literature and music, but also by plenty of people around you. Instead of listening to the Billboard top 100, you and your friends explore the alternative route. You enjoy fringe music and literature created by non-conforming artists expressing distinctively unique views.

Sometimes you hear the music being described as "underground", "rebellious" or on occasion someone would even dare to whisper the term "anti-establishment" but you refuse to care about labels. Labels only limit the sense of intellectual freedom and imagination. Your circle of friends might have included metalheads, punkers, goths, or grungers. It makes no difference to you. Your shared connection is that pull towards the alternative, the fringe, and the tolerance that comes with it.

On this playlist, you will find music that can be classified as alternative. Some tracks listed will be older releases whereas others are fresh and new. It is not genre or mood specific. Let's refrain from labeling. Remember?

This is music that you can relate to. This is your playlist.

Photo by Jordan Ladikos on Unsplash

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About The Curator - Yves Vrancken

Yves Vrancken - Music to Curator

From an early age on Yves has had the desire to share music with the world. It started with those infamous mixtapes in high school and developed into DJ'ing later on.  Nowadays, Yves is an experienced Spotify playlist curator who actively manages 20+ playlists with over 100,000 total followers.  Recently, he has branched out by founding his own company that provides social media consulting, artist management and custom playlist curation. Originally from The Netherlands, Yves moved to the United States in 2004 after having met his American wife, Krystal. They have lived in the beautiful State of Colorado ever since and have a little girl named Jinxie.