There are a ton of different genres of music in the world. Each of those has just as many sub-genres and artists are now creating their own genres to describe their music. Growing up there were two kinds of music in our house, country and western. Today, country music has just as many subs as any other form. We all know the “bigs” . . . pop country, alt country, bro country and the big one, that Nashville sound. When you get to a certain age, you start looking for what you grew up on, the memories. It’s why so many bands can play their hits from the past, so far into the future. Those memories bring back the good times, the bad times and the in between times that we associate with a band or more accurately, a song. In my case, that would be looking for the next Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard or even a Chris LeDoux.

Those artists exist. They are doing it the way the founding artists did it, independently. The Indie artist, as we call them, is no different than any of the big names except they may not have that big record deal. They might crave it, or they may not, but they don’t yet have it. They are writing the songs that they live, not the songs that are fed to them by a production line of writers. Don’t get me wrong. Some of those tunes are great, have been massive hits and made some people a lot of money. In most cases that’s not the artist or the writer. So if you’re going to write what you feel, you’re likely a struggling artist. An independent. I look to the artists that are yet to be a household name but maybe should be. Not that long ago, a guy named Stapleton was like that.

On this playlist, I hope to present country music you may not know. It may be that the next Cash or Jones will come from here. More likely, it will be an artist that you will research. You will find out more, like and follow their social media and share with friends, later bragging “I found them before…”

Music to Countrify (yes, it’s in the Urban Dictionary) is meant to get you thinking, toe tappin’ and even two steppin’. It’s to create new memories from new music from new artists. Whatever you get from it, thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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About The Curator - Jazz Matthews

Jazz Matthews - Music to Curator

I have been in the music business for just over ten years. It started simple enough. Bring my favorite artist to my hometown and enjoy the show. It was easy. I knew the artist and his management. I never thought it would grow like it has. Since that May of 2007, I have produced over 100 shows, managed two artists, produced two CDs and multiple singles, released 4 tunes to radio on our label and put my artist in front of some of the biggest names in Canadian country music. To quote one of those artists, “It Started With A Song”. It all did. Today, I continue in all those roles. Doing what I love on a daily basis is reward enough. Listening to new artists is a bonus.

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