Growing up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s in Cincinnati, OH hip hop artists like Jay-Z, Fabolous, and The Diplomats were some of my favorite bar aficionados. Walking to school, carrying Hella CD’s, arguing with my homeboys about who had the best bars and who had the hottest verses in our favorite songs was the way of life.

In my adult years I began to take the hip hop craft more seriously and began working with family’s independent record label. Going through the ranks and seeing some of the best artists that no one had ever heard of come and go without having a fair shot.

 When I was given this opportunity, I knew I had to be a part of the solution not the problem and promised myself to be about the betterment of the culture and would give all great hip hop music an avenue to be heard. 

Now I get to flex my favorite young shooters and show how the heavyweights in hip hop pop off to the masses.

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About The Curator - Daevon Bryant

Daevon Bryant   - Music to Curator

 Daevon Bryant began his career in music in 2011 working for his family’s independent record label in Atlanta, GA. Working his way through the ranks, Daevon began to find a niche for finding quality talent and thus began his quest to find a way to give that talent an avenue to shine on. After years of research and development he is ready to that talent on display.

 As the years progressed he began to grow into an entrepreneur investing music management, consumer goods, and technology. Regarding himself as an all-around business man he plans to expand his steadily growing portfolio and make splash in not only the music world, but the business world as well.