What is ‘this thing called life?’ – “That is the question!” For many, that is indeed a life-long question with no exact or perfect answer. Technically, life can be defined a number of different ways. But keeping the complex rather simple, life – our existence – is composed of a wide range of experiences and emotions. Such experiences and emotions are intertwined with some being truly awesome, and others not-so-great or utterly devastating. Music, the universal language, is the perfect means to capture and illustrate a wide range of experiences and emotions, particularly the hardships. Music to atone for hardships is an electric soundtrack for the most difficult times, that ultimately lifts the mood and soothes the wounds.

Some of the most meaningful and compelling music is fueled by some sort of hardship, aka suffering. Hardships include the loss of family members or friends in some capacity, the loss of a job or lack of finances, and quite frequently, a bad breakup. Sometimes the suffering relates to political unrest, or racial and social injustice. While a song may be unable to restore the insufferable, it can be encouragement, therapy, and atonement in moving forward with the next chapter of life. Historically, music has served as a masterful tone poem for the unfortunate, from the angst and unsettling tension of classical masterworks, to the spirituals and freedom songs looking toward brighter days, as well as the assortment of pop, rock, and soul songs drenched in agonizing heartbreak.

Music, regardless of style, is the ultimate escape – the true “atonement for the hardships of life.” This playlist is eclectic, comprised of various genres that tell stories of being in the midst of a difficult situation, or the aftermath and resolution. Some songs feel melancholier, yet move you with their sheer radiance and impeccable conception, while others are upbeat, weathering life’s respective storms. Some artists are more mainstream, while others are up-and-coming, lesser-known, or independent. This playlist atones and assuages, ultimately reminding us that “this thing called life,” regardless of its ups and downs, is truly a gift.

In search of your escape and musical atonement? You’ll find it here my friends! Heal with me on this incredible, multi-genre musical journey.

Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

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About The Curator - Brent Faulkner

Brent Faulkner - Music to Curator

Slightly eccentric with interests that seem to know no ends, restless ‘Renaissance Man’ is the best way to characterize Brent Faulkner, a native of Kentucky.  A certified music educator, multi-instrumentalist, and composer known for his incredibly sharp ear, he lives and breathes music of a variety of styles.  In addition to passion for educating, performing, and writing music, he’s equally passionate blogging and writing about it, managing his own site, The Musical Hype (https://themusicalhype.com). When he’s not intensely analyzing music, you can find him reading or watching a movie, reality television or some sporting event.