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This song is a dark room, a quiet lover, the breath of another in your ear, whispering secrets. This song is a deep deep red, a lipstick stain on the rim of a cocktail glass, the cherry stem tucked between her teeth. This song is a mystery, the feeling of not knowing your lover’s name or intentions, of a smoke ring blown across the room, of a long silk coat. This song is dark, moody, and just right for a Saturday night. 

LAYNE has captured me from the first moment I saw them play; her soft sensitive voice over the rhythmic and infectious bass lines is a match made in heaven. Don’t miss out on the mystery. 

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About The Curator - Kara Bean

Kara Bean is a force to be reckoned with. Originally from Seattle, WA, Kara is an LA-based singer-songwriter, lyricist and music-junkie. Her deep connection to the written word and music of all kinds has inspired her to become a strong, emotional songwriter. When she's not working on her artist project, Kara is listening to and writing songs that feel like liquid gold. She believes there is great power in music, and hopes to continue putting music into the universe that inspires others.