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This song is big hair and legwarmers, bright colors and bold patterns, a taste of the 80's that is electric and undeniable. This is the hottest themed bar in the city, the DJ playing nothing but retro throwback hits. Pink, purple, gold. This song is letting someone buy you drinks with no intention of spending any time with them that night, or any other night. This song is having spent hours getting ready just to come and sweat it all off. This song is living for yourself, getting dressed up for yourself, dancing by yourself, alone but not alone. This song is the comfort of a hundred other bodies, feeling whole in movement and in the moment. 

Hedband started out as a half-joke by singers Karitas Harpa and Inga Birna; they had ideas for an 80s style band that would wear headbands at all times. It remained just as that, an idea, until producer Thorisson came to them with an idea for a collaboration. It was a complete coincidence, but Thorisson's new sound fitted the duo's ideas perfectly, resulting in the dreamy synth pop song 'One Night.' Get lost in a retro moment. 

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About The Curator - Carah Wes

Originally from Seattle, WA, Carah Wes is an LA-based singer-songwriter and lyricist. Before choosing to follow her passion for music, Carah spent most of her time crafting words as an award-winning poet. Her deep connection to and fondness for the written word inspired her to become a strong, poignant lyricist.

Carah takes influences from a wide variety of places; from Troye Sivan to Fleetwood Mac, or The 1975 to Dashboard Confessional, you can be sure that Carah’s music is passionate, emotional and authentic at its core. She believes there is great power in music, and hopes to bring the love to all those who are graced to hear her.