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This song is an open window, scaling the roof to get down to your boyfriend's idle car, where he's waiting to take you out. Your mom said, firmly, no. But are you going to let that stop you?

This song is the first sweater you could find in your room to combat the chill of the night, the smell of cool air, the feeling of the wind breezing past the hand you have outstretched. This song is the open window, keeping the car quiet as you sneak away from the house. This song is the blush on your cheeks, exciting by the prospect of breaking the rules, and the freedom that comes with knowing you got away with it. 

Betty Who is no stranger to pop music; she's been putting out some amazing stuff for a long time. I invite you to check out what she's working with, and find out exactly... what would your mom say? 

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About The Curator - Carah Wes

Originally from Seattle, WA, Carah Wes is an LA-based singer-songwriter and lyricist. Before choosing to follow her passion for music, Carah spent most of her time crafting words as an award-winning poet. Her deep connection to and fondness for the written word inspired her to become a strong, poignant lyricist.

Carah takes influences from a wide variety of places; from Troye Sivan to Fleetwood Mac, or The 1975 to Dashboard Confessional, you can be sure that Carah’s music is passionate, emotional and authentic at its core. She believes there is great power in music, and hopes to bring the love to all those who are graced to hear her.


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