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This song is your college bedroom, midterms creeping up on you, sweat on your forehead and an ache in your shoulders. This song is the rumble in your stomach when you remember you've been so busy working you forgot a meal or two. This song is wondering how you lost the feeling of youth you used to hold like a glittering medal so close to your heart. This song is closing your eyes and remembering your high school boyfriend, the person you used to want to run away with. This song is burning neon and bright colors in the dark, your homecoming night, throwing your heels into his backseat and driving into the night. Knowing your parents were gonna kill you for breaking curfew, but the thrill of being 17 and invincible keeping you up until sunrise. The memory warming your face as you open your eyes and enter your college bedroom again. 

Wyndsrfr's new single "Burning Summer" perfectly recalls the neon glow of beach-soaked teenage romance in all of it's wave crashing, wind in the face glory. Hints of 80s nostalgia play in a strikingly current sound as the burning passion of youth, so strongly felt, so vividly remembered, lingers in the air like an intoxicating perfume. As LA residents, Wyndsrfr created this song with the palm tree silhouette, afterglow night drive in mind.

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About The Curator - Carah Wes

Originally from Seattle, WA, Carah Wes is an LA-based singer-songwriter and lyricist. Before choosing to follow her passion for music, Carah spent most of her time crafting words as an award-winning poet. Her deep connection to and fondness for the written word inspired her to become a strong, poignant lyricist.

Carah takes influences from a wide variety of places; from Troye Sivan to Fleetwood Mac, or The 1975 to Dashboard Confessional, you can be sure that Carah’s music is passionate, emotional and authentic at its core. She believes there is great power in music, and hopes to bring the love to all those who are graced to hear her.