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The song is a pool at night, the way the lights in the water make the surface look like neon, glowing invitingly. This song is your friends hopping over the fence and sitting on the vinyl beach chairs. This song is the cheap beer you snuck in, and the way the sky looked huge overhead as it spins in your dizzy eyes. This song is quiet laughter, reminders to keep quiet, you could get caught at any time. Shitty photos taken on your phone, documenting a secret you'll never tell your parents. It's summer, the air is soft and warm around you despite the night breeze. 

This song is the first person to jump into the pool, splashing water onto your canvas shoes and trying not to yell with the shock of the cold water. It's the way their clothes hang off of them, soaked through. It's your next friend diving into the deep end, coming up triumphant in the darker water with a grin on their face. It's abandoning your shoes and diving in, letting the water cool your skin in the warm summer air. 

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About The Curator - Kara Bean

Kara Bean is a force to be reckoned with. Originally from Seattle, WA, Kara is an LA-based singer-songwriter, lyricist and music-junkie. Her deep connection to the written word and music of all kinds has inspired her to become a strong, emotional songwriter. When she's not working on her artist project, Kara is listening to and writing songs that feel like liquid gold. She believes there is great power in music, and hopes to continue putting music into the universe that inspires others.