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This song is a deep colored silk jacket, pulled from your boyfriend’s shoulders and draped over yours. The slight shift of lace against your hips and ribs as you walk towards where he lays waiting. This song is the waft of your perfume being just as intoxicating as the wine you shared earlier.

A kiss behind his ear, a soft whisper, a nervous laugh, a promise of something even more exciting. This song is the laughter of your lover entangled with your moans, love and pleasure and happiness all in one. This song is coming home from the party early with each other, taking your dress off, leaving your shoes on. 

These two super pop stars teamed up for this totally electric song, marking one of Lauren’s first outings from 5th Harmony as a co-writer and featured artist. It’s an incredible piece of pop music that’s bound to make you feel silky smooth and sexy. Enjoy. 

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About The Curator - Carah Wes

Kara Bean  - Music to Curator

Originally from Seattle, WA, Carah Wes is an LA-based singer-songwriter and lyricist. Before choosing to follow her passion for music, Carah spent most of her time crafting words as an award-winning poet. Her deep connection to and fondness for the written word inspired her to become a strong, poignant lyricist.

Carah takes influences from a wide variety of places; from Troye Sivan to Fleetwood Mac, or The 1975 to Dashboard Confessional, you can be sure that Carah’s music is passionate, emotional and authentic at its core. She believes there is great power in music, and hopes to bring the love to all those who are graced to hear her.