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“You got your finger on the trigger, kid… Line it up, line it up, line it up / And hit me with the truth.” ‘The truth’ is that it’s no secret that in the United States, there’s a serious problem with gun violence and mass shootings.  Every shooting is tragic, yet, such incidents occur more and more frequently.  On his 2016 song, “Stick to Your Guns,” rapper and poet George Watsky plays multiple roles in a fictional school shooting scenario, from the perpetrator (first verse), the news/media in the aftermath (second verse), politicians speaking in the aftermath (third and final verse), or as aforementioned, a potential victim meeting his unfortunate fate (the chorus). Watsky’s ultimate point? It seems to be meaningful, actionable atonement – ending a senseless, vicious, and deadly cycle.

As the perpetrator, Watsky highlights the mindset (“When you were knocking me like a laughingstock”), even earlier apologizing “to the couple decent people who got in the way.” He humanizes, highlighting the mental health aspect, as well as the effects of bullying and social awkwardness.  Moving on to the media perspective, he criticizes media outlets’ competitiveness for views and getting the scoop first and best, as opposed to the bigger picture – “Of course we know this situation is tragic / But take a minute to appreciate our fabulous graphics.” Perhaps the most damning role is that of the politician, who’s most concerned about politics: “Of course I share your sentiment as your voice in the senate / But let’s accept nothing ever could have been done to prevent it.”

All that considered, perhaps the key lyric from the record comes from featured singer Julia Nunes – “Stick to your guns.” Again, from Watsky’s perspective, he seems to be frustrated – tired of inaction with continued devastating results.

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