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I made this scarf to keep you warm / To keep you safe and sound from harm / I made this scarf to keep you warm / But now I want to tighten it round your neck.”  Why does the protagonist in “Scarf Song”  want to strangle the man (the antagonist) mentioned above in the chorus? The answer is because he took advantage of her sexually. “Scarf Song,” a gem from Norwegian singer/songwriter Sara Wolff isn’t really about a scarf, but about a topic that isn’t covered frequently in popular music – consent. “Scarf Song” seeks to atone and shed a light on women who’ve been taken advantage of sexually – that disgusting, horrid ‘r-word,’ rape.

The lyrics superbly capture the traumatizing nature of “Scarf Song.” Wolff begins by highlighting what a moral and upstanding man that the antagonist appears to be. 

“Ideal man, Christian boy
Pretty blue eyes of joy
Kind smile, Godly boy
Who know how fast you could destroy?”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t personify the aforementioned characterization, ultimately having sex unbeknownst to the female victim - rape. “Act as if she’s sleeping,” Wolff sings, continuing, “And afterwards you don’t know why she’s weeping.” On the second verse, she’s quite concerned about the safety of unnamed antagonist’s current girlfriend, stating, “I hope she doesn’t sleep at all…” Why? So she doesn’t have to experience the same horrifying, traumatic experience, of course. Adding to the unsettling, stomach-churning lyrics is a chilling, eerie, and enigmatic backdrop, perfectly serving as a tone poem.

The big takeaway? Consent is a must and not optional whatsoever. No woman deserves to be taken advantage of sexually or humiliated. Honestly, the takeaway is the same regardless of sex.  Wolff delivers a gem men and women alike need to hear. 

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