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You never look when I’m naked / Are you still loyal to me? /… You don’t appreciate me / Oh something has changed.” Clearly, the ‘unappreciation’ is real for the talented L.A. based singer-songwriter and producer EMM.  In addition to wearing multiple musical hats, the classically trained musical prodigy is also a women’s advocate, something that she presents ‘loud and clear’ throughout the course of “Satisfied.”  EMM, representing many women giving 110%, seeks to atone for men who take women for granted, and don’t treat them the way that they should in the relationship.  In her own words:

“Every girl knows what it’s like not to be appreciated in a relationship. ‘Satisfied’ demands that my love and energy in a relationship not be taken for granted.”

 Adding to the aforementioned wrongs committed by the male on the first verse, EMM states, “You’ve been staying out lately / You don’t touch me the same.” On the second verse, she “Can’t tell your lying from what’s real,” later threatening ‘tit for tat’: “Maybe I’ll play what you’re playing / How does the medicine taste?”  She feels like a woman scorned.  So, what’s a woman scorned do? In this case, L-E-A-V-E.  If it seems like the focal point is how unsatisfied the guy is, EMM doesn’t allow that spin to happen.  No, the unappreciative fella doesn’t get the last laugh.  On the high-flying chorus, she makes sure that it is SHE that expresses her dissatisfaction with HIM:

“I always give it up

You’re never satisfied

I gotta give you up

I’m never satisfied.”

 Beyond takeaways highlighting the power, resiliency, and strength of women, EMM spoils the listener with compelling vocals, an infectious groove, and perhaps most notably, sleek, R&B-styled horns. The production is nothing short of brilliant. Yes, perhaps men who have wronged their women should feel awkward/guilty/ashamed listening to “Satisfied,” but at the same time, appreciate and embrace the musical ear-candy constructed by EMM and her amazing team of co-writers (Zoe Fisher) and co-producers Taylor Wilzbach (DEKKU) and Matthew Jenkins (MOZ).

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