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“I’ve been going through it, you just go around it / But it’s really not that different when you think about it.” Sadly, rapper Mac Miller, who tragically passed away at the age of 26, had a tumultuous year in 2018.  Among his hardships prior to his untimely demise, he experienced a high-profile break-up, a DUI, and severe substance abuse.  Throughout his final studio album, Swimming, Miller addresses and reflects on his issues, seeking to become a better, more mature individual.  A perfect example of his attempt to atone for past mistakes and move forward is “Hurt Feelings,” the second track off the album.

Early on, Miller reflects on adapting to life – ‘rolling with the punches’.  On the chorus he asserts, “I’m always sayin’ I won’t change but / I ain’t the same / Everything is different, I can’t complain.”  He goes on to say he’s moved on from getting high to “gettin’ paid,” focusing on music.  For Miller, focusing on the thing that propelled him to success, music, and the fruits of his labors, money, seem to be a fix.  Notably, he mentions Whitney Houston on the first verse in passing, given her struggles with substances. 

The end of the second verse is where the honest, yet troubling opening line hails from, clearly finding Miller attempting to face his demons as opposed to running from them.  Prior to that, he offers the thoughtful lyric, “Turn the power off and get your water from the spring.” Sadly, despite his attempts to live better, the talented Pittsburgh rapper is no longer with us. Even so, his music lives on.

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