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“Think fast I’m in over my head / Lose track I don’t know what I said / Fall back like I’m hoping again.” For rising Montreal alternative singer/songwriter Reno McCarthy, the apprehension is pronounced on “Deep Dive,” an advance single from his 2019 debut album, Counterglow. In addition to the aforementioned memorable lyrics that hail from the record’s chorus, McCarthy describes “Deep Dive” poetically:

 “‘Deep Dive’ is about fear. The moment when you don’t know if you’ve got what it takes. The inner dance between the feeling of inadequacy and sudden unexpected bursts of strength.”

 Clearly, McCarthy seeks to atone for fears and reservations, digging deeper within himself and discovering enhanced capability through inner strength.  

 From the beginning of this smooth, superbly-produced record, McCarthy’s fears come to light.  Those fears incorporate ‘matters of the heart’ – a relationship.  On the first verse, he highlights potential ‘life-changing’ effects “after tonight,” questioning, “how we’ll ever be alright.”  Night is supplanted by day on the second verse, where the same question, driven by fear of that ‘deep dive’ remains at the forefront.  Eventually, McCarthy gets himself together, something that all of us must do when facing a big decision or taking that “leap of faith.”  By the end, there is newfound optimism and resolve.  Reno also takes ownership the aforementioned relationship that caused him to be fearful:

“This time it’s inevitable

Take life set a date and elope

Deep dive with a dream and a goal

Deep dive like I’m ready to go.”

 The big takeaway from “Deep Dive” is don’t be fearful – don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith or that extra step.  The ‘deep dive’ can totally be rewarding as opposed to a death sentence.  Ultimately, that deep dive that you’ve been so apprehensive about could lead to the best, most rewarding days of your life.  Now that’s atonement.  

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