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“Shots were fired on the street / By the church where we used to meet / Angel down, angel down / But the people just stood around.” On her moving, thoughtful record “Angel Down,” Lady Gaga is clearly perturbed by the state of society. She highlights the fact the world is a cruel and unfair place, filled with racial tensions, social unrest, and needless violence (The death of Trayvon Martin in particular).  Furthermore, she’s bothered by the fact that people who have the power to change and improve things, fail to do so.  Essentially, “Angel Down” finds Lady Gaga embracing the fight – a call to action to truly atone in the most authentic, meaningful way.

“Doesn’t everyone belong / In the arms of the sacred?” she sings on the second verse, emphasizing the importance of unity as opposed to the status quo – division.  Equality is the mindset that all should embrace, with Gaga serving as the fiery preacher and its lead advocate.  This is exemplified on the powerful chorus, where her belief and faith are relentless, even if she must stand alone. Vocally, she delivers her best moments of the ballad.

“I’m a believer, it’s a trial
Foolish and weaker, oh, oh, oh
I’d rather save an angel down
I’m a believer, it’s chaos
Where are our leaders? Oh, oh, oh
I’d rather save an angel down.”

Throughout the course of this modern protest number, the emphasis is on the ‘angel.’  Cleverly, Gaga focuses on just one angel, which emphasizes the importance of each and every life.  On the outro, she brilliantly sings, “Save that angel / Catch that angel.”  We should all take Lady Gaga’s prudent advice.

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