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I’ll be honest, back in 2013 when Hozier put out his self-titled (and only) album, I was turned off by how just how big Take Me To Church got; boy was I missing out. Every single song on this record is incredible, and his voice has an intimate grit to it. If you haven’t really listened to it, you need to right now.

To Be Alone goes back and forth from this kind of bass drone with a downtempo rhythm and powerful vocal to a real bluesy guitar lick that calls the response of the vocals. The harmonies on the chorus make you hum along to the simple melody line, but you can’t help feel the emotion that is tied to them. There is a sense of longing throughout the entire song, but a feeling of control floods the track when the chorus kicks in. If you listen to the lyrics this change makes sense. 

Hozier is a very passionate artist, and that passion can be sensed in this music. When he sings, you want to listen. But even when he doesn’t, he says what he wants through the instruments. He lets his music breath while keeping the focus on this lyricism - a feat not so easy. When you come across an artist like Hozier, you can’t seem to get enough. I really want this guy to release some more music.

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