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Have you ever noticed the way our lives seem to cycle? Life itself yes, but even on a day to day basis our bodies go through rhythms, our emotions are tested, and even our relationships fluctuate. Jerry Williams is able to grasp this concept both in her songwriting ability and in the lyrics themselves. The song as a whole cycles back to the beginning, but its growing intensity symbolizes many things in our lives, specifically our relationships with others. Her lyrics are straightforward and she sings them with such distinction you can really feel what she has gone through. As the song grows, you find yourself so encapsulated by the song, the release of tension at the end feels refreshing, like you actually went through the struggle with Jerry herself.

The song starts out with a beautiful slow strum of a guitar, which quickly gets disturbed by the lyrics, “there was a hurricane and I named it after you,” setting the dichotomy of the song straight from the beginning. This contrast of beauty and violence transfers between instruments and lyrics throughout the song. With each section that passes by, the intensity builds. It starts with just guitar and vocals, the next verse adds some cymbals and toms, and then after the second chorus we are introduced to a full drum kit and interplay between guitar and bass. Another guitar part comes in drawing your attention in and its repetition reels you further in. You are hooked on this lick as vocal adlibs add some sparkle to the edges of the mix, and right at its climax, it all goes away, returning to its roots we heard at the beginning of the song.

Relationships are tough, but just like life they have their ups and their downs. It’s tricky, you know, to find like-minded people you constantly want to be around, to open up to, and just be silly with. No one is perfect, but there is a nugget of goodness in everyone, you just have to look in the right places. Jerry Williams talks about the “spark in your eye,” “cradle me like a baby,” and a “smile like you’ve woken up to snow,” these moments were we can see to this nugget inside someone and how those actions arouse an intense feeling between two people. As the song progress we find that the glimpse of this nugget can be just that, a glimpse, and sometimes we have to say goodbye.

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Nick Malpezzi - Music to Curator

Nick Malpezzi is a lover of nature, cats, beer, and music. When he’s not at his day job he is recording artists, working on films, writing music, taking pictures and enjoying life. He believes complexity is derived from simplicity, which is seen in his musical tastes and original productions.