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With a laid-back feel that cuts right to the heart, Cass McCombs has crafted a unique and honest sound. The guitar riffs effortlessly flow over the percussion while the bass sits back and doesn’t miss a beat. His voice is a mix between spoken and sung which gives Cass McCombs the ability to tell us a story through his lyrics in a different way than usual; it feels like he’s talking directly to you. The composition complements this vocal technique by letting you fill in the gaps - a lot is left to the imagination. The lyrical content is thought-provoking and mysterious, he is able to say so much without saying much at all.

While lyrics like, “I stopped in for a little while/and warmed up to the thought,” are interesting and worth thinking about, lyrics like “Brighter criminal/I hope you escape,” really grab my attention. The song starts out very optimistic, giving positive twists on leading subjects (the first referenced lyric). But by the second verse when he stops in for a little while, he “learned a host of sins.” Being positive about life may not always be for the best. It’s important to look at events in the appropriate light, and not automatically turn up the brightness. 

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About the curator - Nick Malpezzi

Nick Malpezzi - Music to Curator

Nick Malpezzi is a lover of nature, cats, beer, and music. When he’s not at his day job he is recording artists, working on films, writing music, taking pictures and enjoying life. He believes complexity is derived from simplicity, which is seen in his musical tastes and original productions.